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NOTE:Anyone is welcome to browse this family website, but some information regarding living people is kept private. If you are a descendant of anyone in this tree you may become a member so that you will be able to see more.

Over the years my brother Joel and I have been compiling our family genealogy as a hobby. Recently, I have come to realize that we have quite a bit of information with no formal way of sharing it with family. The information is all out there, but if it has been gathered up once, why should we let it go only to be gathered again by someone else? I hope this will be a starting point from which other family historians can work.

The first tree is Skaggs from West Virgina with other surnames: Holliday, McClelland, Stanley, and Ellsworth.

In the Swartz line we also find Swinehart, Green, Selzer, and Homsher.

I have tried to keep every fact backed up with documentation. The only places that assumptions are knowingly made would be in a personal article that an author writes on the blog, "Stories From Skagend" (link on bottom right menu).

As is the case with any family tree, this is an unfinished work. I am always adding updates when I find new information. If you see a discrepancy, please let me know, I will fix it.

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